History of the Area
and the Lodge
                  Eureka Lodge is located near the ghost town of Eureka in                                       
                   South West Colorado, an area known as Bakers Park.                                             
                   Eureka was the original county seat of San Juan County                                          
                   and the only other incorporated town in the area. At one                                         
                   time it had a mill for processing ore, regular train service                                         
                   to Silverton, and numerous prosperous businesses.                                                
                   Today the Eureka Townsite sits abandoned, 8 miles north                                       
                   of Silverton, Colorado.

                  Eureka Lodge is a part of the National Historic District                                              
                   known as the Martin Mining Complex. On this property is a                                      
                   documented cabin site that was most likely the home of                                           
                   one of the original settlers from the Baker party. This                                               
                   miner apparently sold his claim(s) to Sam Martin.

Sam Martin was a entrepreneur in the grand old style of the early settlers of Colorado.  His
plan encompassed a massive mining complex;  over 100 mine claims, and at least 2 upscale    
boarding hotels for single miners and visiting investors from New York City or other foreign

Unfortunately the depression changed his plans, the operation faltered.  He was forced to sell  
everything. The building sat relatively unused for 75 years.

It changed hands several times; in the 1950's a miner and his family lived here.  In the 1960's
a church tried to make it a retreat. In the 1970's it was the local high school hang out. In the
1980's Outward Bound used it for a base camp.

The Brokerings have worked the past 12 years to clean, repair and update the building to its
present state.

Clean, comfortable, and rustic best describe the amenities.


Looking North towards the Lodge from Eureka
We have dogs and
cats in residence
Pets by
for the protection
of other guests
Eureka Lodge